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The Twenty Ninth of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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I started the day a little "hungover"

preparing food for out guests

sure, we don't have cable, but that doesn't mean we won't be watching true blood every night

Monika is all over Eric. guess what I'll be for Halloween this year

birthday Mimosas


The Twenty Eighth of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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Even though it was Saturday, I had to work anyway.

they're like robots that eat film

"I won't even dignify that question with an answer"

our first show at the Indian Chief with our new drummer

with guest vocals by Jimmy

The Twenty Seventh of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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I decided to make vegan Jalapeno Poppers. I take precautions.

stuffed, breaded, fried then baked

serious about my kitchen

Kreg likes it...

and Kat too..

Monika goes for it...

and also likes them!

we had a fire in the backyard

Kreg got a little ???confused???

so Kat had to draw him for map!

the evening burned away, as did the fire

oh yeah, and then there’s this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Negroni (a cocktail for grown ups)

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If you know me and Monika, you must know that we’re huge fans of gin.  Gin is the kind of alcohol you don’t even encounter as a kid, despise in your weening years, and learn to love as your tastes mature (only maybe, like maybe you’ll end up liking scotch, or cigars, or caviar).

In any case, if you do learn to like gin, you learn to like martinis.  Not that crap bullshit they call a martini cause they dumped Stoli and cranberry into a martini glass.  I mean, you actually appreciate the gin distiller who  carefully flavored his product with the right blend of botanicals so that the taste is perfect as is…neat…chilled…unadulterated.

delicious flowers

That’s the way we like our martinis.  Sure, you can add some dry vermouth, maybe a generous splash of olive brine, or even get out there and saddle up a cocktail onion to make a Gibson.  But, sooner or later, it’s nice  to get a bit more  adventurous with your cocktails.

to make a Gibson, make a martini, but use an onion, not a olive

So, my gin loving friends, I highly recommend the following drink, which is basically a Negroni.  Though little known in the modern cocktail revolution, this is the kind of drink that defines a real drinking man or woman.  It’s bitter, potent and all business.

Prepare a Martini glass by filling with ice and topping with water and setting  aside.

In a shaker or mixer, combine the following:

2 oz. Gin (the dryer the better.  Bombay is good.  New Amsterdam is not)

1 oz. Campari (This is some bitter stuff, and is in the family of Benedictine, Chartreuse, Cynar, etc., the weird digestifs category)

1 splash Sweet Vermouth ( a splash is about a teaspoon or so)

a few dashes of Bitters ( a dash, a shake, a drop, it’s all about the same.  I use Fee Brothers, but Angostrua is great, too)

Swirl the contents over the ice, but do not shake.  Shaking is a sin.  Don’t believe the 007 bullshit.  Bond was originally written to be a kind of gruff, un-savvy individual.  Don’t shake.  Just don’t.  If you like the little ice crystals in your drink, you like watered down drinks, not fine alcohol.  Do me  a favor…stick with Smirnoff Ice.  Flavored malt liquor seems more your speed.

Okay, strain the “shaker” into the emptied, icey martini glass and enjoy.  If you’d like to garnish, use a nice sweet opposite like an orange wheel.  It’ll help wash your palate clean so the flavors really burst again when you take another sip.  Not for the weak livered.  Enjoy!

welcome to my head

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The Twenty Fouth of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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My Brothers Birthday Party!!

Powerpuff Partiers

Marla makes the best cakes

and birthday shots!

The Twenty Third of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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parents in Florida... we take care of the wandering kittens

in Atco, the Beer Pong balls are right in the chekout lanes!

white is for cooking, red is for drinking.

The Twenty Second of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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had to work on Sunday for Hark Knocks.

Monika and I stopped at our favorite place on the way home

we drove out to Valenzano to find closed gates

my latest yard decorations getting rained on.

The Twenty First of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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our story picks up while still at the shore...

wish we could have stayed to be on a boat

I planted cantaloupe in my garden as a joke. It's taken off!

The Party Begins. I decided to break out the tripod...

and have some fun with timelapse photography...

a picture of Kevin, the neighbor's boy, trying to be stealth in the trees

what's photo fun without some fish eye shots?

Gisela with phantom lights...

I expected more jumping, less lounging

The perfect party shot

hope you can make the next one

Check out the full album of photos on my facebook page.

The Twentieth of August, Two Thousand and Ten

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presents from mom from Lancaster

dinner with the family at the shore house

then cocktails

and cigars!

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