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Patient ninefiveseven

Cardboard bum

With a gun

Nina bedford


In the head

A scientist just like you

How big is your house?

The drug works chemically.

A complete makeover

Toast fucking

Drain the pipe

Lights off asshole

We always win

Somebody came in the wrong door

Were the handcuffs totally necessary

Waiting at home

Thank you I guess

One of them tried to kiss me

Why would he do that

I was concerned that he might fall

You are one of them

The opposite of straight

It’s called denial

Psychiatric mumbo  jumbo

You’re a special case

Ski is on it

Animal pornography

A bat and a pig

It’s gonna be amazing

Horse tranquilizers

Fuck happy

The data can be interpreted in many ways

We’re no 1

Mr. November

Do you think that’s funny?

Who cares?

These are fakes

The inventor of the drug

They’re talking about us

There is no hope for me

His heart on the outside of his body

A little softer

In circles

A little bit more in circles


Land in Montana


Everyone should have access to it

Papers to sign

It was supposed to be fixed

Our new drug

The real party

She must be another scientist

I had this dog in my head

And I haven’t seen it yet

My cap is luke

Happiness freelance artists

Super super model!


The Twenty Ninth of July, Two Thousand and Twelve

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started out the day late on Sunday with Sam and Monika. woke up at the Flying W. After breakfast, we headed to the Goodwill Store to see what we could find. Why do dolls always look like they’re surprised?  Or terrified?

perhaps it’s just me, but dolls are so creepy.

found this really cool little toy musical instrument. considered it for a moment, but decided it was untuneable, so I passed.

found just what I needed over in the computer and electronics department. some of you might not even realize what you’re looking at here.  wow, a whole MEG!!

after scoring nearly nothing, off to Franklin Hall in Philly.

First time here. nice place. decent beer selection, but wouldn’t say the greatest.

to the left is the inside portion of the faux German beer garden, and to the right is the outside courtyard. you can see Monika and Sam conveniently found the bar..

Looking in the opposite direction. if you don’t fancy the picnic tables outside, there is some fancier seating inside, with tvs.
 As the sun was setting over Philadelphia and our weekend. We hadn’t seen Sam in a few weeks because we’re all so damn busy.
The place was pretty damn expensive for a beer garden
but you can’t put a price on this.
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