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The Twenty-Ninth of November, Two Thousand and Twelve

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This morning, for the first time in a week, I woke up in my bed.  Monika and I have not slept in our actual bed, but instead on our new couch for the last week for varying reasons.  Mostly, because we’re both so fucking busy that the pile of clean clothes stacked in the middle of our bed went unfolded, and I refuse to sweep it onto the floor to crawl in because the carpet is covered in cat hair.

It doesn’t matter where we sleep, for the most part, the cats find us and sleep with us.  Guest room, couch, real bedroom, they find us, and sleep there.  They don’t bother us, for the most part, because when they were young and would piss me off, they were expelled, and ignored.  They learned to behave.

The other reason is that I’ve been having a ton of allergic reactions, and I’m trying to narrow down the cause of my itchy fits.  I think it’s the clothing detergent.  Seems likely, right.  Washed all my clothes;  have not had a chance to wash all my bedding…until yesterday.

Didn’t really have a long holiday weekend to catch up on that kind of stuff.  Show on Wednesday night, home at 3:30 AM.  Thanksgiving out on City Line Ave with family, but also a late night.  Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the good old Mart.  Back at Films on Monday.

So yeah, busy.  Cats, not so much.  Eno has become basically an outside cat (almost).  These two barely use a litter box anymore.  They prefer the outside.  Probably smells better, too.

Monika at Hebrew school tonight.  We’re still sorting through all our personal belongings to see what we’ll re-incorporate into our re-designed home, pack away in the attic, or donate to goodwill, or just plain trash.  It’s hard to throw away things that remind us of our past.

It’s like a memory, and once that specific, quirky, ugly, non-useful object is gone, so is the reminder of the part of our past that we’d like to hold onto.  So, we hold onto things, in boxes and tubs, indefinitely, because we’d never throw away our past, and don’t want to lose any memories.


Steve Sabol Memorial Ceremony at NFL Films

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Today, at NFL Films in Mt Laurel, we had a company wide memorial service for our fallen and fearless leader, Steve Sabol, who recently died from brain cancer that was diagnosed only a year ago, and whom was still walking the halls of our building just three months ago.
In this picture, you can see our new sign, with our new address, covered by a black blanket. It was uncovered, after a short speech, by his wife, his sister Blair, whom our original company was named after by Steve’s father, Big Ed, and Hank McElwee, famed cinematographer who still runs the film show out here.
We are now located at One Sabol Plaza (good luck with that one on your GPS)

They set up a stage and speakers, and gave a eulogy before unveiling the sign.

We raised a new flag, as well. That’s Steve’s initials, and the design that he used with his artwork and collages that have been appearing in galleries the last few years.

The flagpoles in the front lawn of NFL Films was actually one of Steve’s last requests. We never had them before last year, and he thought that we should. The third flag pole was flying a Giant’s logo last week, and it was supposed to commemorate the reigning Super Bowl Champions. That tradition was short lived.  The tree in the foreground was planted in memory of Steve, who loved the outdoors, and symbolizes the continued growth of NFL Films.

Others took photos as well, and some, perhaps, felt some kind of closure.

The new sign at our entrance…

…which of course was filmed for a future highlight of the day’s ceremony. This one was for Steve’s “family,” those of us at the continue to carry his vision and are his living legacy.
There will be another, much larger, ceremony in February, after the Super Bowl at the Kimmel Center. It will be the first Super Bowl ever that Steve will not attend.

This is the “Bridge” at our building that connects the administrative side of the building to the technology side. It’s now named something different.

Sudden Death Sabol,” as he was nicknamed, now takes on a completely different, and poignant meaning.

Inside our lobby, a new picture greets visitor to our location. A picture of Ed and Steve Sabol, a few years back, when Ed accepted his last Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement. A few years later, Steve was there when his father was inducted into the Hall of Fame, something that we all hoped Ed would be alive to see. Now, we’re lucky that Steve was as well.

Watch a short video of the ceremony here

And, follow NFL Films on Facebook here.

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