Who The Hell Writes All This Bullshit Anyway?

My name is Ryan Walsh.

I’ve always written.  Sometimes I take breaks.  The last break lasted almost half a decade.  When I decided to begin again, I started this blog.  I write about whatever I want, and people seem to like it.  I guess some are more interesting than others, but people read them all the same.  I try to keep it interesting with pix and links and what not, and I guess that seems to work.

Otherwise, I live in Atco, NJ with my wife and two cats.  I’ve lived in New Jersey my entire life with the exception of some time in Philadelphia.  My best friend and his wife live next door to me which makes for some damn fine times.  One day, though, I want to move to the Caribbean and open a bar on the beach and relax.

While I’m still here, though, I try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  We don’t have cable television and so we aren’t really couch potatoes.  We’d rather get together with friends and hang outside somewhere and relax.  My wife and I love to cook together and that is probably what we do most regularly together.  Basically every single day we’re cooking. Oh, and we’re both long time vegetarians who try to cook and live as vegan as possible.  Sometimes this is a challenge.

I have a huge garden in my backyard.  Well, huge for New Jersey town home  standards.  I don’t know if in the end my garden saves me money or costs me money, but honestly, raising my plants and maintaining them is like a relaxing form of art for me.  I don’t mind if it takes 10 dollars to grow 2 dollars worth of potatoes.  The joy is in nurturing and growing them.

I’m also a musician and I play in a cover band called the Dirty Robots.  I’m the bass player and we cover mostly alternative tunes from the 90s, but we can be pretty eclectic.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts.  I’m not trying to sell anything.  I’m not starting a movement.  I’m just sharing with you my own subjective view of the world as I see it everyday.  Sharing stories of what I look forward to, of what I did, and of people and the past that I feel nostalgia for.


Enjoy…or don’t.

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