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The Fun Begins

Posted in Daily Pictures, Reflections with tags on January 29, 2014 by Verge

Today shit got real.  Media Day was yesterday, so most of the crews yesterday were at Prudential Center.  But they all arrived here today.  Semis, trailers, trucks, and a lot of cranky crews who have no idea what cold is because they’ve been at home for the last two weeks.

And, the catering tent got crowded.

Tonight, I had a very rare opportunity to go to something called NFL House.  It was an invite-only party in Times Square for only employees of the NFL, and included the best food, entertainment, and drinks.   And it was the only opportunity I had to go to Super Bowl Boulevard, and go on the toboggan run on Broadway.

But instead, because of long days and lonely nights, I just didn’t have my normal energy.  So, instead, I’ll do what I do best.   Drink a martini, brood, and write.


January Pictures (from the first two weeks)

Posted in Daily Pictures with tags , , on January 17, 2011 by Verge

This was the Element after it decided to smell the butt of the car in front of it. Never knew my car was into trucks, but apparently...

another Sabol original, one of the newer ones around the office. during the playoffs, I spend more time than usual at work, but it's nice to feel important once in a while.

we went bowling for Dan's birthday at Pinsetters, the hippest bowling alley in South Jersey. I only got one game in, but I did manage to finish the entire flask of whiskey. I win!

and so did they...I guess we all won (because we all brought flasks)

my birthday was next, and I decided to make a nice birthday stout for myself. It should be ready by New Years!

you may be wondering what Craig is demonstrating in this candid photo...

why, it's a demonstration of how to use my most prized birthday present!

I'm used to snow on my birthday, and I got it once again. This is our Chrismas Tree. I had dragged it outside to take to the trash, but stood it up when it started to snow.

step two of brewing beer....wait. I decided to go on the wagon for a month after my birthday to recover from the holidays. But, in three short weeks, for the Super Bowl, somebody better kick me right the hell out of the wagon already.

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