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The Prepared Pantry

Posted in Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle with tags , , , on March 10, 2010 by Verge

I’ve decided that, from now going forward, whenever I decide to add a link to my blog, I will explain why.  I guess it looks like I’m a bit indiscriminate by the sheer number of links I have on my blog already.  However, that is not the case and I hope to retroactively give a short post about every single link I have hand chosen on this page.

Tonight I’m adding “Prepared Pantry.”  You can find it under the heading “Fair Fare” on the right with all my other links.  I discovered this company because of my mom.  When Monika and I moved into our house 3 years ago, we found a free bread maker machine on freecycle (the subject of another post sometime soon).

My mom bought us a four pack of their pre-mixed bread mixes for Christmas from this company.  All you have to do is add some oil, water, and everything else is in the mix, including the yeast.  That means it’s vegan because you don’t have to add any eggs or milk, although you can substitute soy milk for some of the water if you’d like.

Our bread maker really is awesome.  Sure, we’ve made our own breads from scratch, and that is rewarding enough.  But, instead of buying loaves of hearty bread in our supermarket, we can very easily make homemade bread every week  or two.  It’s just as delicious, if not more, and super fresh.  In our bread maker, you dump in the ingredients, set it for whole wheat and “light” and four hours later, it’s done.  Clean up is ridiculously simple…practically non-existent.

That’s the only products so far that we’ve tried from Prepared Pantry, but at around 4 bucks a loaf for delicious, home-made bread, I think it’s a steal.  We recently stocked up on 16 loaves:  Fruit and Nut Collection, Rye Lover’s Collection, Heritage Collection and Heartland Collection.  You can find their collections here…

I encourage you to check out their products.  Of course, you don’t have to get a bread maker mix.   You can always get a good old fashioned bread mix and bake it in the oven, too.

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