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A Few Recent Photos…

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The Thirteenth of March, Two Thousand and Eleven (Hiking in Atsion)

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The 7th of March, Two Thousand and Eleven

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Head Up Your Ass University

The first sentence of this article reads, “As legislators nationwide debate whether to legalize medical marijuana, colleges and universities in states where laws have been adopted say their campuses will remain drug-free.”  You’ve gotta’ be kidding me, right?  Deans actually believe that by not allowing those who medically NEED marijuana for diagnosed illnesses onto their campuses and into their dorm rooms, that their colleges will then be “drug-free.”  Seriously, the only thing that this can accomplish is to drive the price of medical marijuana higher because it will be a slight but more difficult to obtain while on campus.  In fact, I’m pretty sure, regardless of their policies, when someone really needs to score some pot, a college campus might us a  solid place to start asking around, if you know what I mean.

not sure I'd be tweeting in my last few days, but I'd probably blog about it

This story may or may not have turned out to be true, I don’t know.   But, I do applaud states that have a law allowing people to end their own lives with dignity.  Not that it shouldn’t be signed off on by a doctor, which in this case, it has to be.  You must see a doctor to get the prescription for enough pills that will be fatal if taken as prescribed.   This particular man had terminal cancer, and wanted to die lucidly and wanted to put an end to the burden and suffering he knew he was causing his family.  He stopped his pain killers, and started sharing his business with the world.  Don’t know if he’s dead yet or not, but like another very sensitive subject, I’m glad the law was pro-choice and not pro-“you can’t make decisions about your own” life.

honestly, some of the more fascinating programming to come from NPR was a result of this hidden camera expose

A showdown over NPR funding continues.  First of all, I don’t know why this idiot’s boss was forced to resign, and the man himself still has a job, but I guess that’ll all be worked out.  Second, he must absolutely be fired, but not for what he said.  He’s entitled to his opinions, whatever they may be.  He should be canned because why on Earth would someone who is the VP of NPR talk to people he just met about anything “off-the-record” let alone controversial views.  Honestly, I can’t say everything he said was crazy.  But when you’re accepting money from the federal government, and you’re employed by them, you have to be smart enough to keep your opinions to yourself if it might put your own job in danger.  I can’t see that their funding won’t get yanked from the budget at this point, but I’m positive that private donors will more than make up for the money they’ll be missing.  And, when the funding gets pulled, NPR can be free to be as liberal as they want.

Muslim witch hunt? actually, do Muslim witches actually exist??

okay, if you’ve read my blog here, then you must know how I already think this is the most insane, prejudice, bad-for-this-country kind of an idea in a long time.  I am really at a loss when I see how much hatred exists towards a religion and the people that practice it.  I can’t stress enough how most Americans don’t understand the difference between Muslims, Arabs and Middle Easterners.  That describes three different groups of people.  One describes a religious demographic, one a cultural one, and the third a geographic one.  And, big surprise, there are PLENTY of people who are only one of the three.  Do people in this country even know what they’re afraid of??

Actually, according to this article, law enforcement officials do, and here’s the list, in order of most to least feared of actually posing a serious threat to security:  Neo-Nazis, militant patriots, racist skinheads, freemen/sovereign citizens, animal rights extremists, extreme environmentalists, KKK members, Christian Identity extremists, anti-tax extremists, and anti-immigrant extremists.  11th on the list was Islamic Jihadists.  That’s right, the authorities think that your more  likely to be hurt by a vegan than an crazy Islamic Fundamentalist.

I thought our country was founded on freedom of religion.  This recent development literally turns my stomach to think that we learned nothing from our mistakes of the past.  I’m also fairly sure that Christianity has a deeper history of terrorism than Islam…it doesn’t take too much research.

this is what people do when the unemployment rate hits 10%

okay, protesting near dead soldiers funerals has gotta’ be one of the most despicable acts you can do to protest homosexuality other than actually attacking gays.  It truly is disgusting.  But, unfortunately I have to agree  with the ruling that they must be permitted to protest in the manner that they have been.  They have been peaceful, kept their distance, applied for permits, and cooperated with authorities.  Really, as poorly founded as their message is, they truly are model protesters.  It’s like the movie Old School…”they’re really good at paperwork, it’s really quite an anomaly.”

Facts are that I enjoy a lot of things that people don’t approve of, and they protest those things.  But in this country, you’re allowed to freely express your opinion in a peaceful manner, even when it is tasteless.  Our laws protect tastelessness, which is why I can still listen to Howard Stern, and Muslims should be allowed to build a mosque right next to the former WTC site if they want.  Of course, when these people do something like speak tongues or burn Qurans, I can go right ahead and organize a protests and…wait, I have a job.  Scratch that.

lets end on a good note

I love winter, I really do…but it does suck.  The romantic,” snowed in together, work is closed today” times are far out shadowed by the shitty snow shoveling and “shivering while waiting for my car to warm up” moments.  I’m really looking forward to getting out in my yard and getting it ready for planting.  And, if things don’t work out so well with this whole NFL CBA thingy, and I end up losing my job, me and Monika are moving to somehwere where I can have a garden all year round.  with Avocado trees, and orange trees and peach trees and lemon and lime trees, and dates, and….well, maybe here.


I know my thoughts seem backwards sometimes, but I  just think that valuing all sides of an argument, equally informed, is the only way to form a true opinion.  I thoroughly invite anyone to give me their own opinions and viewpoints in the interest common ground.


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