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The Twenty Ninth of June, Two Thousand Eleven

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Went for a walk today at lunch.  Monika and her friend have been walking every night to get back into shape.  Me and Kreg could also lose some weight, so we’re gonna try and run all summer.

Of course, Monika and I have to be in pretty good shape to do this in November, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  But, I’ve really been feeling kinda’ shitty lately, and I’ve not been this much out of shape in a while, so the extra few miles at lunch will burn some calories and get me in some cardio.  It’s just so damn hot out there.

a lot of retention ponds around

and wildlife, which makes for a decent walk

this is just corn planted to stop erosion. it would have been huge buildings had the economy not gone to shit.

but theres still a ton of people, cars and offices

funny thing is, most of these buildings used to be mortgage companies

so a lot of the offices are empty anyway. this doesn't get used much anymore


Why You Haven’t Heard From Me

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Well, it’s Summer, and we’re busy.  We’ve got the garden.  We’re trying to work out and go running.  We both have part time jobs.  There’s all kinds of parties we are invited to attend.  And, on top of it all, we decided that we are sick of our house, and it’s time to remodel, even if we don’t have the money.  It’s just time to do something for us.

Well, it’s going in stages, and stage one was our downstairs powder room.  We’ve hated it ever since we moved in…four years ago.  I wish I had a shot of the intensely ugly vanity and sink before I ripped it out, but if you’ve ever used our bathroom, you know first hand how horrible it was.

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Almost done the first room.  Gotta find a suitable light fixture, and when we’re ready to do the entire first level, gotta install the stone tiles.  But, it’s no doubt the finest bathroom in the house, maybe even the whole block!

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