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The Twenty Eight of March, Two Thousand and Fourteen (Music for Your Drive)

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For those of you waiting, I’ve been working on something for over a week now, but have been so busy, it’s been tough finishing.  In the mean time, here’s a song for the drive home tonight.

From one of my favorite collaboration bands (they call them Super Groups nowadays) , from the legendary 4AD label (which I’m going to celebrate in another post) called This Mortal Coil , here is “Song To The Siren.”  Originally written by Tim Buckley, here it performed by Robin Guthrie and sung by Elizabeth Frasier, both from the Cocteau Twins.

Later, Elizabeth Frasier recorded with Massive Attack.  Since the first song is a bit depressing, I leave with with something with a drum beat to keep you awake so you can make it all the way home tonight.  Turn it up as loud as possible.

And since your radio is already loud, enjoy the last track, with a little Tricky, just for fun.



I Thought I Heard You Whisper…It Happens All The Time

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Your Messed Up Life Still Thrills Me

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What a weird thing to be so excited about…Shelterwood.  Just released minutes ago.

<p><a href=”″>Field Notes Brand: The Shelterwood Edition</a> from <a href=””>Coudal Partners</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Friday Inspiration Songs

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I have a hell busy weekend.  So, I’m trying to look up and have a positive outlook.

The singer of Nothing spent 2 years in prison for attempted murder.   Now, that’s fucking punk cred.  This band just released their first album and I’m in love with it.

Cave In have gone through several singers, guitarists and style changes.   There was kick ass few years in the middle that were just right.  I picked up their album in a used record store on South St back when I lived in South Philly.  It kicked ass.   Sadly, when I went back to pick up their new record a few years later, it sucked, and I gave up on them.

The next band I cannot listen to without remembering drinking all night in my friend Steve parent’s basement when we were in high school until the sun came up.  Sunny Day Real Estate was on pretty much an entire summer.

I got way into Spiritualized during the time Elysa was in college and had an apartment near Rittenhouse Square.   We used to listed to their first few albums a ton.   I never gave up on them, even though J Spaceman practically checked out of life at least half a dozen times in the last 20 years.

When I was a freshman in college, I sat in my room pretty much all the time, smoking with my room mate, my friend Justin, or just by myself.   I listened to tons of music, back when I collected cds because glorious things like Spotify didn’t yet exist.  I stole this album from the little bodega on campus because I was broke and I could and I dug the cover art (which is done by the same guy who does artwork for Pink Floyd).  I had no idea who the hell Catherine Wheel was at the time, but I ended up buying and liking all the albums they’ve ever released.

God Lies Underwater is a huge reason I got into writing electronic music and formed an industrial band with my friend Bruce.  Sadly, this guy actually did check out.

Well, that was actually kind of depressing, in a morbidly fun kind of way!  Hope you enjoyed it!  I did.

Keg and Barrel Home Brew Supply gets a New Location

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While I was away at the Super Bowl, the owners of the store I work in, Keg and Barrel Home Brew Supply,  decided it was finally time to move out of the Berlin Mart and into a bigger and better location.  It’s only a mile or so away, and it’s going to be a lot nicer.  I wasn’t gone for very long, but sometimes things seem huge when you’re not around to see them change slowly.

Here are pictures from last week while the new location was still under construction, and a bunch from Monday, when we moved the bulk of the merchandise out of the old and into the new.  You should be able to tell which one is which, I hope!

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Shoegazer Orgasm – Slowdive Reunite

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Okay, I might have to be at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Not really sure how I missed this when it hit, but I guess I’ve been a little side tracked lately with work and things.  I’ve seen Mojave 3 three or four times, and Neil Halstead the same amount of times.  A few years ago, after a show at World Cafe Live in Philly, me and a few friends even hung out with Neil at the bar afterwards, and had a smoke out front.  Great guy and amazing song writer.  He even made my top 15 list on the last decade.

And a few selections from the band I’ve always admired, from Slowdive, through Mojave 3, and right up to Neil Halstead solo.  This one is a collaboration with another one of my heroes, Brian Eno.

And, a song I thought I’d never have a chance to see live.  I can always hope.


I’ll get to the Mojave 3 and Neil Halstead favorites a little later.

Tuesday’s Music – Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek

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This tune cracks me up.  It’s technically by a band called Sun Kil Moon, which is really just Mark Kozelek.  I’ve been a fan of his ever since I was in high school, twenty years ago.  Back then, he was part of a band called Red House Painters, one of my all time favorite shoe gazer bands.

When that band kind of just stopped being, he released some solo records before renaming himself Sun Kil Moon.  All of it’s amazingly beautiful, slow and methodic, with complicated acoustic guitar work and haunting vocals.  When Monika and I saw him play in a church a few years back, I became so entranced and relaxed listening to the smooth, slow vocals and guitar reverb that I actually nodded off in the middle of the show.  It was a good thing.

This song is a little different.  Way more upbeat than most of his stuff.  And with sax!  This song is about Mark realizing that he’s just not a young guy anymore, and though other people think he’s a rock star, he’s really just a middle aged romantic, and is better off at home in his studio than backstage at The Postal Service show.   Enjoy.


And, here are a few old favorites:






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Monday Afternoon

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I always loved this song when I was a kid.  Really.  Not sure why.  It was always one of my favorites.  And this version kicks ass.

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