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Making Caribou

Posted in Good Times, Recipes with tags , , on February 26, 2010 by Verge

We’ve been really enjoying the Olympics the past two weeks.  I try to watch as many events as I can.  That’s pretty difficult considering we don’t have cable and so we only get NBC10 from Philadelphia and not all the fancy offshoots that everyone else probably gets.

That’s made watching hockey, for one, extremely…expensive.  Since it airs on CNBC, every hockey game I want to see (which is men’s only) I have to go to a bar to watch.  I want to see EVERY game, hence the expense.

In any case, I’ve always loved the Olympics and my family has always watched them.  It’s great to rally for your own country, and the stories are unbeatable.  It really is the most amazing reality TV show ever.  That skater who’s mother died in Vancouver…wow, what a story.  Her breaking down crying after her perfect skate was so emotional and unbeatable.  The Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso story is not only fascinating but downright hot.   The bitter-sweet rivalry of head-to-head competition between countrymen is amazing.

In celebration of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic spirit, and since we both didn’t work today, we’ve honored Canada by making a drink called Caribou!  If you ever get a chance, you should visit Quebec during the Winter Festival.  It is a hell of a time when the entire town parties to the thought of being cold and snowed in.  And, if you ever go for a visit, you’ll be sure to come across copious amounts of Caribou.

The legend of it’s origins are that old-school Canadians who were out in the cold and hunting for food would kill wild Caribou.  In the interest of wasting nothing, and keeping warm, they would add whiskey to fresh Caribou blood and drink it as a celebration of a fresh kill.  There are no Caribou in Atco, trust me, I looked.  We had to make a Substitute.

For the red wine substitute-for-blood we used one of my all-time favorite local South Jersey red wines from Valenzano Winery.  It’s a perfect ingredient for this recipe because it’s a very smoky red due to it’s aging in used charred oak barrels.  It’s one of their more expensive wines at around 17 bucks a bottle, but it’s worth it in my mind and in my mouth.  It’s called Old Indian Mill Road Red.

We were planning on going to visit Kreg at his shop and help him out with the bar he’s building so I decided to make it in our industrial sized thermos.  This recipe is pretty damn simple.  Here goes!

Here’s the Official recipe

1 Bottle of dry red wine

1 -2 Cups of cheap Whiskey (to taste)  more if you like whiskey, less if you’re a lightweight

1/4 – 1/2 cup of Maple Syrup (to taste) more if you have a sweet tooth, less if you’re a real man

Shake well and get drunk outside in the snow.  Do it with some friends so if you pass out in a snow bank, they can drag your drunk ass home.  Feel free to be rowdy, yell at the tv, and say “eh” and “hoser” a lot.  Enjoy!

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