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Veterans' Day

Posted in Grinds My Gears with tags , , on November 11, 2009 by Verge

Okay, so, I looked it up, and so don’t go and comment that both are acceptable ways of saying “Veteran,” because I already know that yes, technically, both ways are “acceptable.”  Well, I don’t accept it.  It is not Veh-trin.  If it was, then that is how it would be spelled.  It is Vet-er-in.  If you say it fast, you hardly notice it’s 3 syllables, but it is.  Yes, it’s THREE syllables.

For the record, there is no such word as “veh-trin-arian.”  Same deal, people.  It has SIX syllables, not five.

In similar god awful language bastardizing, it is NOT “out the window,” “down the shore,” or especially”aks.”  You go “out to dinner,” but throw something “out OF the window.”  Better yet, you “defenestrate” an object, but that’s a whole different subject.

I know the whole Jersey thing excludes a lot of people from ridicule when saying “down the shore,” but still, it is not the same thing as saying “down the street.”  If it was, then it would be perfectly acceptable to say “I’ve gotta get someting down the grocery store,” or “Let’s go out the movies tonight.”

And this whole “aks” thing is completely ridiculous.  When someone says “he aks me a question” I feel like responding with a fist.  Did you then respond with an “awsner?”

So, in “ca-kloo-shun (don’t get me started),” thank a veteran or the family of one, if you know someone who helps protect this county…they deserve it.


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