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The Fourth of December, Two Thousand and Twelve

Posted in Reflections on December 5, 2012 by Verge

Woke up on the couch with Monika at 4 am.  Went to bed, but felt like hell.  Still fighting a sickness I caught over Black Friday weekend at the mart, as best I can tell.  The cats came to bed as well;  We’re pretty sure they know when we don’t feel well.   I barely made it to work, and only really went in so Sam didn’t have to work in the vault alone today.   Glad I did, we got treated by Mike to Holiday lunch, an event I don’t like to miss.   We don’t always get to celebrate our fragile commoradore.  When I got home, a Benadryl later, I passed out and woke two hours later in a coughing fit.  Longest I’ve been sick, in Monika’s words, since I’ve known her.  Cats are circling the Christmas tree.   I, awake, drain my DVR or anything intelligent.  

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