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Kat’s Dinner

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We decided to play it low key for Kat’s birthday, and so just the four us went out.  Kat chose Bar Ferdinand, a fancy little place in Northern Liberties in a newly renovated section of town.  This section is called The Piazza, and it’s pretty damn nice.  It was built on the site of the old Schmidt’s Brewery and includes apartments, restaurants, store and artists’ studios.  At the one end, there’s a huge LED television overlooking the courtyard.  Last night, game 1 of the World Series was on.

This is a view of the Piazza. It's across the street from the restaurant we dined at. It was a damn fine place to sit back with a beer and a cigar, and watch the World Series in beautiful weather.

These are the apartments that overlook the Piazza.

Bar Ferdinand has lots of tapas, which is basically the same as saying “expensive, small appetizers.”  That being said, they were all delicious.  We all shared everything we ordered, and had many drinks as well.  The atmosphere was great, and it was busy but not crowded on a Wednesday night, so it was nearly perfect dining.

The seasonal craft brew list. I had the "Abbey of Christ in the Desert" Belgian Ale that was unmemorable, and the delicious Duck-Rabbit DoppleBock! Highly recommended.

but, the evening was all about a night out with close friends.



The Twenty Sixth of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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Fun with my retro camera app!  This is just a few quick snapshots with the pinhole camera.  This app is awesome, and I highly recommend it to all my photo friends.  It’s got a bunch of vintage cameras, with crazy customizable settings, considering it’s a cell phone camera.

a photo of a photo lab. but digital. how ironic. this very technology will put me out of work!!

I don't know why, but I like this one

more to come…

Back Home

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I have been running around, cleaning up all the loose ends from vacation.  Had to sanitize all the clothes just in case we got some bed bugs along the way, but I’m pretty sure we’re clean because I checked all the rooms before we slept in them.  Perhaps the bedbug problem isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.  I stayed in average hotels, 7 different ones in 7 nights, and found no trace of bedbugs at any of them.

I’m sick, also.  Not sure how it happened.  Traveling can do that to you.  Ten hours on a plane back from Italy can do that to you for sure.  And, perhaps, the jolt of being on a care free vacation and suddenly having to work the next day can certainly contribute to a weakened immune system.  Not so funny thing is, because I had not started this year expecting to go to Italy for a week, I’m not sure I even have any days off left to take a sick day anymore.  Gotta check with the boss today.

I am working on a small collection of photos to post from our trip.  I easily took over a thousand.  We were in 9 different cities over the course of a week.  I was in more churches in 7 days than probably the last ten years combined.  But, vacation was over, and we were back to reality in no time.  So…back in the Berlin Mart…

Originally wanting to call his new store "Mother fuckin' Spices, Nigga'," and then the tamer "Spices 'n Shit," Bob finally settled on the more PC name of "Spices and Stuff."

I organize and label like a fiend. I think the store had to up its budget on labeling tape since I've landed there.

For the Eagles game, I made individual tin foil bowls of nachos for everyone. Worked out pretty good. I considered making a whole blog about how to do it, but the picture should pretty much explain everything you need to know.

Italy Vacation Sneak Peek

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I’m going to give a more detailed account of our Italian vacation when I have more time, but we wanted to share a few photos in the mean time.  Can’t wait to share all the photos with you over a carafe of vino when we return.


lunch in Grosetta



beers in Livorno



Livorno City



City Centre Pisa. A couple of icons.



us, and Romulus and Remus sucking on the teet of Mother Wolf



top of Leaning Tower of Pisa



the interior of some beautifully old church. built 1137.



I think I could live here.


Library of Congress, Packard Campus

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For work this past weekend, some colleagues and I traveled to Culpeper, Va to tour the Library of Congress’ image, film and audio archives in Culpeper, Virginia.  It’s kind of geeky, but for us film preservationists and archivists, it’s truly awesome.  If you think you were impressed with some of the shots I’ve posted of NFL Films, prepare to be overwhelmed with dorky overload.


This is the exterior front door. The building was built partially out of the remains of a secret bunker that housed currency for the federal reserve during the Cold War. This is part of the new construction.



The first stop on our tour were the nitrate vaults. Nitrate film, manufactured in the early days and for the first half of the last century, is extremely hazardous. It spontaneously combusts, and burns quickly, even when completely submerged in water.



As a result, many of the gems of history have perished in huge warehouses on the lots of film production houses. At the Library of Congress, all nitrate films are stored in sealed, concrete vaults, isolated from one another, and closely guarded with fire suppression systems. At NFL Films, when we find nitrate film, we ship it the hell out, right to this place.



This is a mish mash of audio recording gear. I suppose they sometimes use this stuff, but it's really just to showcase some of the historic audio equipment that they've acquired.



This is the black and white processor. This is particularly interesting for me. Its very informative to see how other labs navigate the delicate problems that can arise with these machines. There is a no-error necessity, and half the work is done in the dark.



in the center of the complex, they have a sort of museum that showcases some old projectors from the early days of film.



I'm thinking that they don't use this one to project images so much anymore.



A shot of the underground stacks. This vault is part of the old bunkers that were built under a hill. It's all concrete. This room was huge and kind of looked like the final shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark.



film that is not nitrate (usually safety film) is stored here. We only got to go into one of them, but there were literally at least 60. This is the main hallway.



a shot not unlike the one I took of our own vault back in Mt Laurel. Very organized and unending.



remember, this is the inside of one of many. The temperature hovers just above freezing, so you better know exactly what you're going in for and where it is. Not a place to browse too long.



The building was built by David Woodley Packard of Hewlett-Packard fame. It was then donated to the government as the largest ever private gift to the Legislature. Ivy has begun to cover the building and it will eventually stealth the campus into the hillside, much like the secret bunkers hid themselves earlier.



out in the center, there is a fountain (not working in this picture). Being pretty close to Washington D.C., and having underground, concrete bunkers makes this fountain look suspiciously similar to an emergency helicopter pad.



They have a beautiful theater and actually showcase some of their treasures regularly to the general public.



I imagine it's quite relaxing to work here everyday. The building is very serene and laid back. It looked pretty damn stress free, with great benefits courtesy of tax payers.



Culpeper, Virginia! My future home if the NFL Labor dispute lasts a long time.



The Ninth of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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This is about the best thing you can wish to win at the Berlin Mart. Seriously, you can try those damn scratch offs, but seriously, you chances are better right here.

perhaps Bill's TV repair shop might want to stop by Bob's Custom signs. I hope Bill is a little steadier with his hand when his fixin' the televisions.

The Fifth of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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Sometimes, very rarely, my life is boring. This is inside the film vault at NFL Films.

The Fourth of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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Back at work for another glorious week.

The Third of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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Monika was sick and Kat was at work. Kreg and I started a fire and had a cigar in the afternoon

later, I had errands to run, including donating a huge bag of all the clothes Monika and I never wore anymore.

later, for the Eagles game, Kreg and I headed to the local sports bar. There was someone who used to play for the Eagles signing crap. Have no idea who he is. But they sold me a forty of bud lite in a bucket of ice for 4 bucks! And, the Eagles promptly sucked. Hurray!

The Second of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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it was a pretty boring day. at work all day. cleaning. needing a beer.

I originally thought this said "Welcome Fail," and I was like, wtf is that supposed to mean. Turns out, it was my reading fail, probably due to a lack of beer.

My friend Eva makes and sells awesome glass jewelry. For the next week, hit up Marla if you want to see any of it and get some for yourself or as a gift. This is just a portion of what's available.

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