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The Twenty Second of February, Two Thousand and Twelve

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Out of the loop for the last few days, for a good reason that will be posted shortly.  Until then…

looks like kool aid, but it's not

it's CD-3, some nasty chemistry that looks like this when you add it to your developer. Had to doctor up some of our chemistry post Super Bowl

went to World Cafe Live to see Julia Nunes again!

you can barely tell, but we were only 20 feet from the stage. Had a wonderful dinner while watching a great show.

got to meet her again after the show and have our new cds signed

and, we stole the setlist off the stage, and had her sign that as well!

The Tenth of August, Two Thousand and Eleven

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another day in the cold depths of our vaults

was in the area, so I stopped by Iron Hill to see what was going on for lunch

I found this!

we needed to harvest a ton of things from our garden because of our week off in Cape May

this is just the tomatoes and a cantalope. and seriously, not even all the tomatoes. mostly the ones that were really ripe or had already fallen on the ground after I re-staked them up.

some of our pepper crop

I wish we grew this, too, but this is mostly suburban organics. one day perhaps I'll be in some place warm enough to grow my own fruits./ I guess I could grow apples and peaches and blueberries...but I only have so much backyard right now

The Ninth of May, Two Thousand and Eleven

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Poe chilling on the old kick drum I turned into a flower pot

Due to certain "cutbacks," my job took all the free coffee stations out. This is the temporary station that one of my coworkers set up to replace them. tips accepted.

over the weekend was National Home Brew Day. Hung out at Iron Hill and drank...a lot. Didn't take too many pictures.

This is the eight keg system that the president of Barley Legal Homebrewers set up. Had some of his classic "thong remover." It did not cause me to take my pants off, luckily.

first trip to Pope's Gardens to grab some plants and start the veggie garden.

for the planting session we brewed some sun brewed tea.

this is the garden before, post a generous dose of compost from the last year.

the garden after picture. not really that much to see yet. stay tuned.

I guess most people take a lot of pictures of their kids doing stupid stuff and attending “fun” activities.  I take pictures of my cats doing stupid things and my garden just kinda sitting there (not even having fun).  But, we don’t have kids and I spend most of my time in my garden with my cats.  I think we both like it that way just fine right now.

Library of Congress, Packard Campus

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For work this past weekend, some colleagues and I traveled to Culpeper, Va to tour the Library of Congress’ image, film and audio archives in Culpeper, Virginia.  It’s kind of geeky, but for us film preservationists and archivists, it’s truly awesome.  If you think you were impressed with some of the shots I’ve posted of NFL Films, prepare to be overwhelmed with dorky overload.


This is the exterior front door. The building was built partially out of the remains of a secret bunker that housed currency for the federal reserve during the Cold War. This is part of the new construction.



The first stop on our tour were the nitrate vaults. Nitrate film, manufactured in the early days and for the first half of the last century, is extremely hazardous. It spontaneously combusts, and burns quickly, even when completely submerged in water.



As a result, many of the gems of history have perished in huge warehouses on the lots of film production houses. At the Library of Congress, all nitrate films are stored in sealed, concrete vaults, isolated from one another, and closely guarded with fire suppression systems. At NFL Films, when we find nitrate film, we ship it the hell out, right to this place.



This is a mish mash of audio recording gear. I suppose they sometimes use this stuff, but it's really just to showcase some of the historic audio equipment that they've acquired.



This is the black and white processor. This is particularly interesting for me. Its very informative to see how other labs navigate the delicate problems that can arise with these machines. There is a no-error necessity, and half the work is done in the dark.



in the center of the complex, they have a sort of museum that showcases some old projectors from the early days of film.



I'm thinking that they don't use this one to project images so much anymore.



A shot of the underground stacks. This vault is part of the old bunkers that were built under a hill. It's all concrete. This room was huge and kind of looked like the final shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark.



film that is not nitrate (usually safety film) is stored here. We only got to go into one of them, but there were literally at least 60. This is the main hallway.



a shot not unlike the one I took of our own vault back in Mt Laurel. Very organized and unending.



remember, this is the inside of one of many. The temperature hovers just above freezing, so you better know exactly what you're going in for and where it is. Not a place to browse too long.



The building was built by David Woodley Packard of Hewlett-Packard fame. It was then donated to the government as the largest ever private gift to the Legislature. Ivy has begun to cover the building and it will eventually stealth the campus into the hillside, much like the secret bunkers hid themselves earlier.



out in the center, there is a fountain (not working in this picture). Being pretty close to Washington D.C., and having underground, concrete bunkers makes this fountain look suspiciously similar to an emergency helicopter pad.



They have a beautiful theater and actually showcase some of their treasures regularly to the general public.



I imagine it's quite relaxing to work here everyday. The building is very serene and laid back. It looked pretty damn stress free, with great benefits courtesy of tax payers.



Culpeper, Virginia! My future home if the NFL Labor dispute lasts a long time.



The Fifth of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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Sometimes, very rarely, my life is boring. This is inside the film vault at NFL Films.

The Fourth of October, Two Thousand and Ten

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Back at work for another glorious week.

The First of September, Two Thousand and Ten

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work is like a museum; this is a Steve Sabol original

hops harvesting time

these ones are not ready yet

carrot of the terribly unsuccesful garden items this year

but the cantalope harvest has been pretty good

and these albino eggplants should taste good, I hope

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