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The Fifteenth of May, Two Thousand and Thirteen

Posted in Barley Legal Home Brewers, Daily Pictures, Good Times with tags , , , on May 16, 2013 by Verge

After work, I met up with a few of the members of Barley Legal Home Brewers to work on our seriously amazing serving booth that was built for National Homebrew Conference, but is being test run this weekend at Yardley Beer Fest. Here, fellow member John Companick isĀ  cutting out custom font letters to be wired up with lights like the one in the background near the shed, and hung over the saloon doors.


Meanwhile, President Evan Fritz hooks up the tubing that will serve delicious homebrew to the thousands of thirsty attendees at both events.


And this was my contribution – hooking up all the tubing for the CO2 manifold that will push all that beer out to the crowds.


Another shot of the rough side of the serving facade, with head designer and fabricator Jim Carruthers in the background.


And a quick shot of the front, sans the tap handles, faucets, drip trays and glass rinser. More pictures of a finished product to follow, or find some rough ones buried in pictures of Big Brew Day from a few weeks ago, where the booth took it’s first test run.


But, camaraderie aside, the best part of the night was the test run of Manayunk Brewery’s first ever canned product! Evan brought over a batch that was literally canned a few hours before we cracked them, possibly becoming the first ever party outside of the Brewery to enjoy canned beers from Manayunk. My choice -Monk from the ‘Yunk, a Belgian Triple that comes in at over 9% ABV, and was delicious.

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